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[Nett] The Wikimedia Foundation, which operates a number of websites, including Wikipedia, has moved its domain portfolio away from long-time provider GoDaddy.

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[Geekosystem] Wikipedia Dumps GoDaddy Hosting | Geekosystem: The Wikimedia foundation has announced that the organization completed the transfer of popular online repository of all human knowledge Wikipedia from GoDaddy hosting this past Friday. The move has been a long time coming, with several reasons motivating the change over —

[filipeoliveiraa's posterous] Wikipedia Completes Transfer Of Sites Away From GoDaddy DNS ...: So, not perhaps the sunshine-and-flowers solution people might have wanted for Wikipedia as an antidote to GoDaddy, but it mustn’t be forgotten that the Wikimedia Foundation runs one of the most popular and widely-accessed sites on the internet, and therefore necessarily one of the most vulnerable. Heavy duty partners are necessary to deliver and maintain the integrity of their content.

[Mono] The kind, gentle approach to retaining new editors | Mono: According to Hewitt, technological tools are vital to improving the editing experience and she expressed gratitude to MediaWiki developers, paid and volunteer, who consistently improve the editing experience. But the question of human interactions remains even after the code is deployed. We should approach each other on Wikipedia, she said, “with this attitude which is kind, considerate, warm, appreciative, thankful and gentle.

[Wet Visuals Delivered By The Cuddly Golf Addict] Wikipedia Completes Transfer Of Sites Away From GoDaddy DNS: Wikipedia Completes Transfer Of Sites Away From GoDaddy DNS. wikimedia Part of the long-running (and far from over) SOPA/PIPA battle was the drawing of lines in the sand by Internet companies.

[BluntDinerz] BluntDinerz Food and Drink Blog. The only Las Vegas Food Truck ...: There was no trace of my breakfast by the time I got the check, and after I made good on it's less than $8.00 obligation, there was no trace of me. I didn't feel like chilling, .

[Spencercleo's blog] Apple's New iPad Faces Windows 8, Renewed Android Competition ...: "Apple to Google Maps: 'Get lost'/Thanks heavens it's only for photo-tagging: Apple has tossed yet another gauntlet onto the ground in its ongoing spat with Google, dropping Google Maps out of iPhoto for iOS and opting for OpenStreetMap instead."?The Register?3/9

[BetaNews] Stop the dump Go Daddy madness: Go Daddy withdrew its support for SOPA around the time of your announcement: "Go Daddy is no longer supporting SOPA, the 'Stop Online Piracy Act' currently working its way through US Congress". The registrar has changed its position, so why pull the domains in protest for something that no longer needs protesting -- except perhaps for Wikipedia's image, for perception reasons, and for the influence the anti-Go Daddy mob wields right now.

[CNET News - Business Tech] TI profit warning sparks concern about Kindle Fire demand ...: He continued: "So, although we had anticipated lower sequential revenue associated with that non-recurrence of the fourth quarter channel fill, demand for OMAP is lower than what we had originally expected, as our customers are now rationalizing both their expectations for ongoing demand, as well as the associated inventory."

[Web Hosting Talk] Worst Godaddy Transfer Experience - Web Hosting Talk: I just transferred a couple of domains out of Godaddy to Namecheap. I have shared hosting through Godaddy, and was going to keep the domains on the shared hosting, but I went to check on the sites, once I noticed they were not loading and I saw that all of my domain records were deleted.

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