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[Melville House Books] Remember the surprisingly unsurprising news from the New York Times way back in January, that fewer than 15% of Wikipedia contributors were women? Then there was the even more depressing report from the Wikimedia .

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[MOBYLIVES] Michel Houellebecq - Melville House Books: Blogger Florent Gallaire sought to explain his actions on his blog, stating that the Creative Commons BY-SA license which is used on Wikipedia imposes two conditions of use to the public. In addition to having to quote the author of the article, the user must .

[Sentence first] The Queen's English Society deplores your impurities « Sentence first: Wikipedia’s articles provide links to guide the user to related pages with additional information.” (Taken from Wikipedia’s page about itself.) I’ve never seen anyone write WikipediA, and I imagine that this spelling is only used in their logo for design purposes.

[Jeni's Musings] What Do URIs Mean Anyway? | Jeni's Musings: comments only a few are mentioned - it can get extremely complicated - an image of a painting of Herman Melville in a chapter of a digital representation of a physical edition of a book about a particular edition of the book “Moby Dick” is a commonplace set of relationships now - and for a publisher there may be rights management issues relating to any of those distinct items, so in principle they may all need to be identified at some point in their processes.

[Dan Cohen's Digital Humanities Blog] Dan Cohen's Digital Humanities Blog » Blog Archive » The Ivory ...: Other genres are rarer but take maximal advantage of the latitude of the open web: its malleability and interactivity. Rather than imposing the genres we know on the web””as we do when we post PDFs of print-first journal articles””we would do well to understand and adopt the web’s native genres, where helpful to scholarly pursuits.

[ Blog] Stuff I Like | Blog: Time for a Kanye West post: even though any one who might possibly stumble onto this blog is probably interested in my thoughts on art, I’m going to talk about sneakers and a watch instead. This is the first in what might become a series which will highlight random stuff I like.

[ScienceBlogs Channel : Humanities & Social Science] Among Cannibals : Greg Laden's Blog: I find Heart of Darkness a LOT more interesting than all the simple-minded brouhaha about cannibalism (sorry, Greg) -- and Conrad's story (which everyone should read/reread right now!) depicts in the clearest human terms the members of a heartless and deadening civilisation pillaging and destroying other less powerful people while claiming to lift them out of their primitive darkness.

[BTST Backup] Apollo Man on the Moon Coloring Book « BTST Backup: “The cloth items include children’s books, banners, and promotional materials. Among the activity books are coloring books, follow-the-dot books, pasting and sticker books, wet-a-brush, rub-a-pencil, and stencil books, and sewing cards.

[UKIAH BLOG] Are we ruled by the rich? « UKIAH BLOG: Plutocracy, says the dictionary, simply means “rule by the rich.” If the query is taken literally to mean that the non-rich””the vast majority of American citizens””have no influence in American democracy, or that the country is self-consciously ruled by some hidden collusive elite, the answer is obviously “no.” On the other hand, if the question is taken to mean, “Do the wealthy have disproportionate political influence in the United States?” then the answer is obviously “yes”, and that answer would qualify as one of the most unsurprising imaginable. Wealthy people have had disproportionate influence in most polities at most times in history.

[Smart Bitches, Trashy Books] Finally heard back from Signet… | Blog | Smart Bitches, Trashy ...: But, saying so in the comments thread of a blog - even one as cool as Smart Bitches - accomplishes little besides making me feel a trifle less squidgy. Publishing houses are in .

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