Monitoring media projects that use Wiki methods en Copyright 2012 Wed, 28 Mar 2012 13:35:07 +0000 3 More Studies Examine Wikipedia's Page 1 Google Rankings ... [Search Engine Watch] Where Wikipedia did appear on the first page on Google, it often took one of the top three positions, where most clicks occur. Even in transactional searches, Wikipedia was one of the top three results 63 percent of the time.

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Encyclopedias, Wikipedia, and how we get information in the 20th ... [Radio Times] Contributing to the demise of the Britannica's print version is competition from specialized websites and the free online encyclopedia Wikipedia. Wikipedia now includes more than 20 million articles many of which are written .

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Set Up New Article Template MediaWiki | HTML | MySQL | PHP | WIKI [ - New Projects] Skills required: HTML, MySQL, PHP, WIKI

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wiki - Setting up automatic cyrillic-latin conversion in mediawiki ... [Recent Questions - Stack Overflow] There is a LanguageConverter class in MediaWiki which supposedly does just that, but it is undocumented. You might get some help about it on the MediaWiki mailing list.

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Ryan Lane on transparency and Wikimedia | Philippe Beaudette [Philippe Beaudette] Wikimedia Foundation staffer Ryan Lane (one of the most interesting in a series of fascinating people that I work with) was profiled on the WMF blog recently. I commend it to you as excellent reading.

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Wikimedia DC Blog » Wikimania 2012 Keynote Announcement [Wikimedia DC Blog] MARY GARDINER is co-founder and Director of Operations and Research at the Ada Initiative and founder of the first and largest women in open source organization in Australia, AussieChix, which she subsequently expanded into Oceania as Oceania Women of Open Technology. Mary has served as a council member for Linux Australia, the largest non-profit funder of open source projects in Australia and as program chair for, the largest Linux conference in the southern hemisphere.

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Best Wiki Ever? Hackpad Just Might Be [ReadWriteHack] This makes it really easy to create new pads and you don't have to use the normal annoying wiki syntax for pages. You can also "notify" people who have Hackpad accounts with the @username syntax, which will send them an email.

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User:MoyNavarro422 - LibraryCloud Wiki [LibraryCloud Wiki - Recent changes [en]] Kamel Boulos, Cito Maramba and Steve Wheeler write that it is the "openness of wikis that gives rise to the concept of 'Darwikinism', which is a concept that describes the 'socially Darwinian process' that wiki pages are subject to. Basically, because of the openness of wikis and the rapidity with which wiki pages can be edited, the pages undergo a natural selection process like that which nature subjects to living organisms.

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User:JaniseBushnell3850 - KotR Wiki [KotR Wiki - Recent changes [en]] No more can these dresses for the larger lady be dull or perhaps routine. Now there is a significant very good niche for them as increasing numbers of makers develop a lot more models supplying beautiful slicing plus a number of shades and magnificence in order to package the flavour of ladies around.

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User:BiggerstaffFollett213 - LibraryCloud Wiki [LibraryCloud Wiki - Recent changes [en]] Advertise your opt-in provide in an e-zine or classified ad. It really does not cost tons of funds and should you discover the correct place to advertise, you could see dramatic results.

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The 9%: Women on Wikipedia | Melville House Books [Melville House Books] Remember the surprisingly unsurprising news from the New York Times way back in January, that fewer than 15% of Wikipedia contributors were women? Then there was the even more depressing report from the Wikimedia .

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Announcing Ushahidi/SwiftRiver Research Seminar at the Wikimedia [The Ushahidi Blog] How is a Wikipedia article different from a news article about the 2011 Egyptian Revolution at different points in the story's evolution? What are the roles of social media and other Internet sources in rapidly evolving articles?

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Semantic MediaWiki 1.7.1 released - [ - Recent changes [en]] Uprading from 1.7.0 can be done by replacing the files and running the database upgrade script. Upgrading from earlier versions of SMW is easy but needs some additional steps in certain cases, see Installation 1.7.1 for details.

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Problem with mediawiki | TurnKey Linux Forum [Support] As for upgrading version, yes it is theoretically possible, but as MediaWiki is installed from the repos in TKL (IIRC anyway...) you may be better off just manually installing it to the LAMP appliance and manually migrating your .

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Wikipedia shuns GoDaddy | Nett [Nett] The Wikimedia Foundation, which operates a number of websites, including Wikipedia, has moved its domain portfolio away from long-time provider GoDaddy.

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