> Best Wiki Ever? Hackpad Just Might Be

[ReadWriteHack] This makes it really easy to create new pads and you don't have to use the normal annoying wiki syntax for pages. You can also "notify" people who have Hackpad accounts with the @username syntax, which will send them an email.

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[?????] ?????: How Windows 8 Succeeds From Here: A Prognosis: You're supposed to be able to attach a file from Dropbox by typing "@filename," but in my testing of Hackpad it didn't find many of the files I wanted to attach. With any luck, this is a feature that they'll have worked out before too long.

[Dr. 5z5 - Open Feed Directory] ReadWriteWeb - Feed Archives - Dr. 5z5 - Open Feed Directory ...: If you just create a Gmail account on iOS the easy way, your only option is to archive messages, which takes up storage space on your Gmail account even if you don't want the messages anymore. By checking this box, you'll be able to delete messages on the server side and still archive the ones you want to keep.

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